Council considers the future of Lubbock libraries

Discussing the future of Lubbock libraries

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This is library card sign-up month, but, ironically, Lubbock City council members are considering a major cut in the library budget which could bring a major change in where you would get that library card. That’s because the Mahon Library downtown could become the only library in Lubbock. This idea brought a lot of people to the city council work session today to voice their opinion on the idea.

“Our library system is a community service that people from all backgrounds and spectrums can access and for us to go there and enjoy whether that’s family fun or education,” Jessica Adams said.

Not only are these libraries home to hundreds of books... they are also home to many community events. Citizens are worried cutting back to one library will cause inconvenience to some even generations to come.

“I want the city council to know if they think about budget cuts for next year think about the literacy impact will have a ripple effect for my family, my friends, and my neighborhood.”

This idea is still in the early stages, if proposed this will be for the budget that will take place October of next year.

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