State of TTU luncheon reveals developments, enrollment numbers

State of TTU luncheon reveals developments, enrollment numbers,

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Lubbock Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2018 Texas Tech University System Luncheon on Tuesday.

The luncheon featured Texas Tech University System Interim Chancellor Tedd Mitchell, M.D. and University President Lawrence Schovanec, Ph.D.

Key leaders discussed the latest developments, current enrollment figures, and future plans for the four institutions that make up the Texas Tech University System.

Interim Chancellor Dr. Tedd Mitchell says that events like the luncheon allow them to directly address the needs and concerns of the Lubbock business community.

"What goes on here in Lubbock impacts all the counties around us and these are the people that are taking care of us, so we've got to make sure that our initiatives and working with the city, are all the things that are necessary for taking care of them," Mitchell said.

In the upcoming legislative session, the Texas Tech University System will be requesting bridge-funding from the state for a vet school, a dental school, and a mental health institute.

This fall marks the 10th consecutive year the university has reached record enrollment.

Since 2008, enrollment has gone up 34 percent.

University President Lawrence Schovanec, Ph.D., says that with the increase in the quantity of students, they have seen an increase in the quality as well.

“There’s almost three times the number of national merit finalists. over twenty-nine hundred presidential scholars, so we’re doing a good job of recruiting quality students and a very diverse student body,” Schovanec said.

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