Residents fed up with 10-inch potholes on county roads

Residents fed up with 10-inch potholes on county roads

UPDATE - Thursday afternoon KCBD found the county paving CR 1700 in the Windsor Park neighborhood.

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Last week KCBD told you how the rain has produced potholes in roads in the city and the county. One resident who lives on a county road had become so fed up with the ones on his street, he reached out for help.

Residents fed up with 10-inch potholes on county roads

“In my 5 years here, this is the worst I’ve ever seen it,” says Windsor Park neighborhood resident Dave Proulx. “The potholes here keep getting more degraded, far worse and they don’t need to they can fix it with proper drainage.”

Proulx says one of the main roads he drives, County Road 1700, has always been ripped with potholes. One of the potholes measured at 10 inches deep. “It affects a lot of homes and a lot of families trying to get out of the neighborhood."

He says the roads have been repatched multiple times, but once the rain starts up again, the potholes resurface.

Proulx says he is not the only one fed up with this, many neighbors are pretty frustrated with this torn up road.

“There’s a Facebook for the neighborhood that makes it really clear that people are frustrated and don’t know what to do about it because we’ve contacted the county commissioner and we haven’t gotten any results we’ve gotten explanations we get grand plans, but we don’t get action except to keep re-patching the potholes."

KCBD talked to County Commissioner Bill McCay last week when we first brought you this story on potholes and he does recognize that there is a drainage and pothole problem in the county. McCay says the commissioners are actively working on the drainage problem. They’ve actually hired a professional engineer to work as director of public works to figure out a way to fix the drainage system and ultimately keep that standing water off the roads- keeping potholes to a minimum.

If you see a pot hole in the city, call 311 for repairs. If you see a pothole in the county, call (806) 775-1335.

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