Texas Tech lowers flag to honor late College of Education dean

Ceremony for fallen Red Raider

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech University held a flag ceremony in memory of College of Education Dean Dale Scott Ridley Wednesday morning.

University police officers lowered the university flag at memorial circle to half-staff just after 9:30 a.m.

Ridley was the Dean from 2011 until his death last month from cancer.

Robin Lock is the Associate Dean for Texas Tech’s College of Education. She spoke about the impact Ridley left, not only on the school, but the Lubbock community. “We were here to honor Scott’s memory. But probably the most important thing is that we were here to take that moment in time where we could stop, think back about the things that Scott’s done for the community at large and to really think about the example that he set for us.”

Ridley oversaw a large increase of external funding for the college including a $25 million U.S. Department of Education Grant that was used to fund the East Lubbock Promise Neighborhood.

"The hundreds of millions of dollars that he accrued over his time on this earth, grant funding wise, was always something that made sure that it went to people that he could change the trajectory of their lives,” said Lock.

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Ridley also earned national praise for his reform of the school’s teacher preparation program.

“Scott Ridley came to Texas Tech and made such a difference for the college of education," said Lock. "Both in terms of what he was able to provide for us but in terms of leadership as well as in the terms of the way he was able to help people to think about the differences that partnerships could make.”

And, Lock said, Ridley’s impact reached into the Lubbock community as well. “I think that Scott’s impact on the city of Lubbock will be felt for years to come and I know that community leaders here in Lubbock, as well as community leaders on campus at Texas tech all, know that Scott’s impact is long lasting.”

So Wednesday, Texas Tech honored the fallen Red Raider and community leader. “The ceremony today was to honor that memory and more importantly to give us that moment in time to reflect to think about Scott and honestly to miss him because we have missed him so much in these last weeks and to think about the opportunity that we have to carry on his work," said Lock.

The flag will remain at half-staff until sunset Wednesday evening. A flag that was folded during today’s ceremony will be given to Ridley’s family.

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