Lime launches in Lubbock

Lime Launches in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech University announced on Wednesday that they have partnered with America’s largest micro-mobility company to provide students with more ways to get around Lubbock.

Lime has joined efforts with Texas Tech and the City of Lubbock to ensure that all of the electric scooters on campus are well-maintained and within city regulations.

Eric Crouch, Managing Director of Texas Tech University’s Transportation & Parking Services says that bringing Lime to Texas Tech will help meet shared mobility needs of students, while keeping them safe.

“Lime has a really long history compared to the rest of the industry and they have a strong commitment to rider safety and education. They just recently announced a three million dollar investment in rider safety and education, so I think that’s what set them apart from most of their competitors,” Crouch said.

Crouch added that all personnel brought onto the campus to service Lime equipment will be background checked.

As of Wednesday morning, Lime had officially launched their new ‘Lime-S’ electric scooter at Texas Tech, bringing over 150 scooters onto campus.

Rides cost a dollar to start and an additional 15 cents per minute. However, Lime City Launcher Nick Jones says they try to make their scooters available to everyone through the Lime Access Program.

"Anybody who qualifies for local, state, regional, or federal income assistance of any kind would get fifty percent off of every ride,” Jones said.

After this weekend, Limes will become the only electronic scooter allowed on Texas Tech’s campus. Other popular scooter brands, such as Bird, will no longer be permitted.

Lime will bring additional scooters onto Texas Tech’s campus based on demand along with electric bicycles.

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