Winter storm preparations ahead of possible severe weather

Winter storm preparations ahead of possible severe weather

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - With winter weather headed our way, we could see hazardous driving from late Thursday to early Saturday. That’s why Thursday morning, TxDOT is hitting the roads with a brine pretreatment to help reduce ice.

“Ice can cause a lot of problems," says Mike Gilliland, the Director of Public Utilities with the City Lubbock. “Our staff is set up to handle 12 hour shift for a couple of days, whatever its going to take.”

“The event we’re looking at this weekend, we’re looking at running 10 trucks that will spread sand and salt," he adds. "We have more available if the need arises right now we have 10 routes to run, so we’ll have 10 trucks ready to go.”

However, residents are also encouraged to do some preparing, before heading out for their morning commute.

“Clean all of your windows, you don’t want at any time to have those, just a little patch scratched out so you can see, and don’t be relying on the defroster," explains Cindi Newlin the director and supervising teacher at Drive Trainers Campus Incorporated. She adds that you should also know how to control your vehicle if you hit a patch of ice.

“I know that we used to teach the pumping maneuver, you don’t want to do that anymore, every car that’s made in 2007 and beyond has that automatic mechanism, anti-lock break system, so it will do that for you, so you don’t need to worry about pumping it quickly, or taking your foot off the break, just gently and slowly merge your pedal to the floor.”

That goes for all vehicles. “If you’re driving a truck you need to weight the back end if you’re driving on ice," says Newlin.

She added “A panic situation is going to create bigger problems, so grasp the steering wheel firmly and always have both hands on the wheel 10-and-2 and then take your foot off of the gas and don’t hit the break.”

To also help combat the ice problem, TxDOT will be pre-treating multiple highways, including I-27, The Marsha Sharp Freeway, Loop 289, U.S. 84, and portions of U.S. 62.

TxDOT is asking that drivers slow down and remember that just because the roads have been pretreated doesn’t mean they’ll remain ice or snow free.

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