Cold Sunday Ahead Of A Warm Week

Monday Morning - Areas of Patchy Fog May Affect Visibility For Motorists

Cold Sunday Ahead Of A Warm Week
Sunday 7 Day Forecast

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Temperatures starting in the mid 20′s this morning have created areas of patchy freezing fog and drizzle. No effects to roadways reported at this time. Cloudy sky becomes mostly sunny today helping temperatures reach the low to mid 40′s with relatively calm easterly wind 5-10mph.

Monday Morning May Require Extra Caution While Driving to Work or School
Monday Morning May Require Extra Caution While Driving to Work or School (KCBD Weather)

Tomorrow starts out cold again with temperatures in the mid 20′s and calm southerly wind. Areas of patchy fog may develop Monday morning, especially in the southern viewing areas such as Seminole, Lamesa and Snyder, affecting visibility for area motorists while commuting to work or school. Tomorrow afternoon southwesterly wind between 5-10mph and mostly sunny sky brings temperatures back to near 50 degrees in Lubbock.

Jet stream pattern for the work week favors warmer, above average temperatures beginning on Tuesday with temperatures forecast in the low 60′s.

High pressure builds in over the tropics tightening the pressure gradient in the atmosphere which increases wind speeds across our region starting Wednesday afternoon while temperatures increase for the afternoon into the mid to upper 60′s.

Breezy conditions help temperatures return to the upper 60′s, near 70 degrees Thursday afternoon ahead of a strong cold front ushering in arctic air for next weekend with the possibility for wind advisory levels to be reached by Friday afternoon. A slight chance for precipitation is expected with this system but chances remain low for now with so much variance in data for next weekend’s forecast.

Sunday 7 Day Forecast
Sunday 7 Day Forecast (KCBD Weather)

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