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Voter ID bill stirs strong emotions in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Emotions run high after the state Senate passed a very controversial proposal Wedesday.  It would require voters to show a photo ID or two alternate forms of ID when voting.  

Supporters like Lubbock State Senator Robert Duncan say it's necessary to prevent voter fraud.   However, Lubbock area Democrats spent the day rallying telephone and email support against it. 

Dunan says one of the concerns is a form of voter fraud called voter harvesting, "either by stuffing the ballot box or presenting imposters to cast votes illegally. It's very hard to detect, if not impossible- under our current laws."

"I think the voter ID  bill is absolutely obscene.   This is a voter suppression bill.   This is a bill to try and make sure that poor people, vulnerable people, don't have the right to vote," says Pam Brink, the Chairwoman of the Lubbock County Democrats. 

The fight is not over.  This goes on to the Texas House where it does not have guaranteed support.

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