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What happens if Lubbock County goes wet?

By Christy Moreland  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - With the alcohol election just two days away, NewsChannel 11 is clarifying a question that many viewers have asked.

We have received multiple calls and emails from voters wanting to know, "If both alcohol options pass, what does it mean for the surrounding towns that have already voted in their own alcohol elections?"

We took that question to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to find out exactly what would happen if Lubbock County goes wet. "If both local options fail, nothing will really change as far as the wet dry status of the cities as they are now. Lubbock will stay the same, Wolfforth, Buffalo Springs, Slaton - they'll all stay the same," Sgt. Michael Lockhart with TABC says.

"If it passes, (all the towns) pick up the new privileges. Like in Wolfforth, they already have wine-only packaged stores (and) they have restaurant mixed beverages, so the only thing they would get that is different is packaged stores or what most people call liquor stores," Lockhart added. "I think a lot of people are concerned that there's just going to be this free-for-all or there's going to be a permit on every corner, but the city has in place an option that the state law gives which is 1,000 foot rule from schools and daycares and 300 foot rule from churches. So, with as many churches and schools we have here in Lubbock you're not going to have one on every corner. They're not going to be peddling to the kids or anything like that."

Sgt. Lockhart says if voters have questions about any of the liquor laws they can always contact the TABC.

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