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A Father's Message to Lubbock Burglars

It's not their usual after school father-son routine but it is now. Eddie Briseno and Eddie Jr. normally enjoy a movie or even a few TV shows while mom makes dinner. But on Saturday, things changed.

"You don't understand what the parents go thru that I had to be the one to tell my son hey someone stole your TV," says father, Eddie Briseno. "We don't have a TV so my dad bought this game so we wouldn't be bored," says his son, Eddie Jr. "It was brand new, it was a 19inch , we still have the box to it," says dad.

The TV was 6-year-old Eddie's reward for getting good grades and doing all his chores. "So he earned it and he was the only one in this house with a brand new TV, because that's our love. That's our kid."

You see, Dad had saved up for weeks to buy the TV for his son, and when it disappeared, Dad's reaction was pure anger. "If you would have knocked on my door and asked for the money I would have given it to you, just leave my son alone. A lot of things were going through my mind but I didn't know what to put on the sign. I wanted to write it out of anger," says Mr. Briseno.

Instead Eddie chose a message of love in the form of this sign that reads.. "To the thieves who steal from kids.. God bless you." The sign is a 15 foot statement that stands boldly in his front lawn. Anyone driving down I-27 is sure to get the message.

But inside, the Briseno's are learning another message, true family values without the television. "Merry Christmas, Jesus loves you," says Eddie.

The Briseno family says they have no plans to take down the huge signs anytime soon. Just in case the burglars come back around again the Briseno's left another sign up that reads.. "Hey, you forgot the remote!"

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