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Consider This... Why I'm Voting Against Streets

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Early voting is underway for the $61 million bond election for city projects, and more than half of it is designated for streets. Well, I intend to vote against the $43 million for streets for two reasons.

Consider this; first, these streets include two areas of town - southwest Lubbock and 34th Street. I think they should have been separated into two propositions. But officials knew they wouldn't pass separately, so they aren't giving you a choice.

Second, $23 million is going towards repairing less than half of 34th Street.  That means eventually you and I will have to pick up the tab for the other half. Which begs the question: why aren't they asking now for the full amount to redo 34th Street? Again, because they knew it wouldn't pass.

Bottom line is I am all for fixing streets and adding new ones for growth but to dig up an existing street just to repave it the same width and put in new curbs and gutters is not tax money well spent in my opinion.  You may have reasons why you are supporting this proposition, and that is the beauty of a public vote.

Next week, I'll talk about why I am voting yes for the soccer fields.

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