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Consider This... Who wins in Leach suspension?

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - I won't stand here and pretend to know what appropriate coaching methods are between players and coaches.

What I will do is take issue with how this thing went down. Coach Leach was suspended five days before an important bowl game. He was given little more explanation than Gerald Myers had received a complaint from a parent about the treatment of an injured player. Turns out, that player is the son of a national sports analyst. It appears the player was told to stand in a dark place, due to his sensitivity to light from his injury, while the team practiced. If that is true, I know a certain basketball coach that would never have been questioned over it.

But consider this; Let's face it, there is no pending investigation. Athletic Director Gerald Myers wants to use this situation to get rid of Leach unless he apologizes, to which Leach says he did nothing wrong. I think the Tech Regents and the Chancellor should step up at this point and do what is right for Texas Tech University.

Having said that, I hear Mike Leach may actually lose his job over this. That's unfortunate because I think the only one who needs a pink slip for how this was handled is Gerald Myers, not the winningest football coach in Tech history.

I said the same thing last year when Gerald fumbled the contract negotiations and Hance was forced to step in and save the deal. Now I love Texas Tech. And as a faithful alumni, I can truly say there is only one winner in this situation. It's not Tech Administration, not Coach Leach, not the players, and certainly not the fans. The winner will be Craig James, the players famous dad. It appears this guy, who could care less about Tech, will get exactly what he wants. Mike Leach fired and his son a transfer to SMU. I hope I am wrong! If you agree, let me know, I'll pass your comments on to the regents.

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