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New Leach lawsuit details after Craig & Adam James questioned under oath

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By Katie Bauer  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - New details in the Mike Leach lawsuit as another day of depositions comes to an end. The football player in the center of the lawsuit was questioned under oath on Friday as well as his father. Now the attorneys for Texas Tech and Mike Leach square off.

Both sides are going at it again. Adam James and his father Craig James were questioned by Leach's attorneys for hours. After all the sworn testimony, both sides say they are feeling confident, even though they don't seem to agree on very much.

On Friday, Leach's attorney Paul Dobrowski said Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance confirmed Craig James wanted Leach to be fired.

But on Saturday Texas Tech's attorney Dicky Grigg says he wanted to clear up what he called "misleading statements" by Leach's attorneys. He said the allegations that Craig influenced the decision to fire Leach are not true.

Grigg did say Craig testified on Saturday that he didn't know anybody on the Board of Regents, nor was he business partners with Hance.

Grigg went on to say that Adam's parents did contact Hance because their son was being mistreated by Leach. "Coach Leach in language that you've seen that is not therapeutic, but vindictive as he tells the trainer to go lock him in a dark place and make him stand for the duration of practice," said Grigg.

But Leach's attorney Ted Liggett says when questioning Adam on Saturday about being put in a closet; he says he thought it was funny. "He in fact felt no threat of physical harm and he didn't think that a coach should be fired for the incident that took place on December 17th," said Liggett.

Liggett says during the deposition, Adam admitted he hired a communications group out of Dallas to manipulate messages to the media, including those closet videos that were circulating on the web.

Liggett also says that Craig said he did have direct contact with the Texas Tech Board of Regents, even though Grigg says he didn't.

Both sides say they are ready for trial, but at this time no date has been set.

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