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Craig James gets emotional during speech at Dallas Church


By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) –   A new Internet video shows ESPN commentator Craig James break down as he talks about fired Coach Mike Leach. James spoke April 20th at a Baptist church event in Plano, Texas.

James and Leach have been at odds since last football season amid allegations the former coach mistreated his son wide receiver Adam James while he had a concussion."When we hit the wall, we can look around and our character, our honesty, and integrity are in place. We've done nothing wrong," said Craig James Tuesday to a group at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

James says he and his son are in a spiritual battle with Leach and a 'journey' with Texas Tech University. He says his family has been the target of lies and death threats. "My son was being treated in an unfair, unimaginable, and unthinkable manner. We filed a complaint with the university; private, hoping to quietly protect Adam to stop the insanity that was being done to him. Not once, but twice," said James to the group.

The lawsuit makes it sound far less private and quiet with James trying to lobby several Texas Tech officials to fire Leach. "On December 23, 2009, Craig James wrote to Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance demanding that Mike Leach be terminated," according to official documents.

It was not James' first quarrel with coaches. Earlier in the season, James admits he left an angry phone message for Coach Lincoln Riley about his son's playing time. James, later in his sworn deposition, defends the phone message as appropriate.

Before his first on-air interview with ESPN after Leach was terminated, James received a surprise call of encouragement from Prestonwood Baptist Pastor Jack Graham. "Jack said 'right is always right. Wrong is never right.'  It's never right to do wrong. You be strong and you be courageous and you stand up.' You tell me God wasn't talking to me," said James as the crowd clapped for him.

The civil suit is still ongoing. Mike Leach is now suing Craig James and five others as individuals in addition to Texas Tech University.

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