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Local Republicans gathered at the courthouse Saturday for a Tea Party rally

District 83 Representative John Fullo District 83 Representative John Fullo

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – Flags of all shapes and sizes covered the Lubbock County Courthouse Lawn Saturday morning as nearly a hundred local Republicans gathered together for the Lubbock Tea Party.

Congressman Randy Neugebauer kicked off the rally, getting supporters fired up. "All across America the American people are going to take their country back," said Neugebauer. "We're going to change the direction of this country. We're going to make this a country of opportunity where empowerment is the theme and not entitlement," he added.

Newly elected District 83 Representative John Frullo and District 84 Representative Charles Perry also spoke to supporters wanting changes in the federal government. "I hear concern, concern that what they had growing up won't be there for their kids and that's the truth. They're honestly concerned citizens," said Perry.

Many of the supporters held up signs stating "Taxed Enough Already, T.E.A", while others openly discussed their opinions, like local Republican Burley Owen. "I'm old enough that I've seen many ups and downs of our nation, and I think our nation right now is an airplane in a down spin. Unless we change things we're gonna crash," he said.

Issues discussed at the rally included too much federal spending, the need for new administration in the White House, and the call for more limited government.

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