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Lubbock sanctuary rescues neglected horses

By Ann Wyatt Little  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – They are barely hanging on to life. It is the Gypsy Heart Horse Rescue's mission to make sure neglected horses make a full recovery and find a happy home.

"I call them the ghost horses because they have one foot in life and another in death. It was that bad," says Ramona Foxworth who started the non-profit organization to save abandoned horses.

She tries not to think about what happened to them before they reach her care. "Many of them had no reaction in their eyes and their ears did not perk up," she says. Many of the horses were abused, abandoned and starving. Currently she has 14 horses to care for but has nursed more than 35 back to health.

"I don't have time to be mad at people who did this because I don't want them to feel anything but good energy," adds Ramona about the feelings she has toward previous owners. She and her husband rescued their first horse back in 2003 and opened the non-profit organization a year and a half ago.

The rescue receives horses several different ways. If a house is foreclosed on, or there are signs of abuse and neglect then the county or city will seize the horses. "Once they make a seizure and sign them over to me they become mine, the county is out of it and we don't get any money from anywhere," she adds.

The Foxworths used money from their retirement to pay for the care for the horses. With a full house including check-ups, vaccines and food the monthly bills to care for the creatures adds up. Ramona tries to pick names for her horses. Pictures of Chocolate, Mocha and Satin the day they arrived show ribs and hip bones. The horses were malnourished and needed love. While still not 100 percent, a week and a half of love has made a difference. When Ramona, a registered nurse is not at Covenant she is outside nursing them back to health.

"No one has told them ‘you are not going to die on my shift.' We do not allow anyone to die out here," she adds.

Adoptions range from $200 to $600.

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