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Neugebauer statement on vote to repeal health care legislation

WASHINGTON, DC (KCBD) – Congressman Randy Neugebauer released the following statement Thursday regarding his vote in favor of H.R. 2, a bill that repeals President Obama's healthcare bill:

 "The American people spoke loud and clear in November on how they felt about the health care bill the Democrats forced through the last Congress.  My vote to repeal the bill is the right thing to do for our prosperity, and the economic future of our children and grandchildren.

 "In its first full decade of implementation, ObamaCare will add $701 billion to the deficit. Democrats passed a law that puts burdensome new costs on job creators and creates a massive new health bureaucracy. There's nothing more personal than decisions affecting one's health. These important decisions should be made by patients, families and doctors, not bureaucrats or politicians in Washington.

 "We need real reform that provides more affordable solutions to improve health care access. I strongly believe this Congress can and will work together in a bipartisan way on health care reform that provides Americans with the best possible health care.  I believe changes such as allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines, tort reform, and Association Health Plans will move America's health care system in the right direction."

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