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Former Market Lubbock Inc. Employee Under Fire

Market Lubbock Inc.'s CEO, Gary Lawrence says one former employee has been stealing your tax money. Interim City Manager Tommy Gonzales says that former employee stole up to $20,000. No one is releasing the suspects name, however, Gonzales says it's an older woman.

Gonzales says she stole the money by apparently booking flights and turning right around and canceling them. Then she would turn in reimbursement slips for money she didn't even spend.

Lawrence says the embezzlement was discovered through an audit. "All expense reimbursements looked fine except for one individual. So I want to assure you today and the people of Lubbock that it appears we only have one bad apple in the barrel," said Lawrence.

Lawrence is tight lipped about who the employee is but says she is no longer working at Market Lubbock Inc. He also says, they have new policies in place regarding reimbursements.

According to our reports, this is the fifth case where a city employee or official has been caught mishandling city money. The report will be filed with the Lubbock District Attorney's office. No arrest has been made.

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