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Littlefield sixth grader stabbed with switchblade


During lunchtime at Littlefield Junior High School on Monday, a 12-year-old boy was stabbed in the abdomen by a 13-year-old student, Littlefield police say.

The victim was taken to the hospital in Littlefield then transferred to University Medical Center in Lubbock as a precaution.  Officials report that he was released from UMC yesterday.

"The 13 year old had a collection of knives. We now have those in our possession. The knife used to stab the victim was a 3-inch switchblade," Lt. Tony Mendez said.

Several parents whose children attend Littlefield Jr. High were shocked that the incident happened. "I'm lost for words you never hear of that happening like in small community so when it hits home it really gets your heart," Linda Perez said.

Linda Perez's daughter came home and told her she was sitting next to the 12 yr old that was stabbed at school.

"When I knew she was that close I was really like even more terrified," Perez said.

Perez's daughter and her friend say there was no argument or fight between the two students. However, the 13 year old asked the 12 year old to get out of his seat prior to the stabbing.

"He stabbed him for no reason," Perez's daughter said.

"When he lifted up his shirt there was blood there and then he lifted it up again he was bleeding down his stomach," Perez's daughter explained.

Police say EMS took the 12 year old to Lamb County Health and they determined they needed to send him to UMC.

Perez's daughter said the 13 yr old suspect isn't a violent person, but he has said some violent things before. "He did tell me that he was going to bring a .22 gun to school and go shoot someone."

Perez says the stabbing makes her worry about her daughters safety. "It's scary to know that our kids are not safe anywhere. I mean you send them to school thinking everything's going to be ok but as a parent you just never know."

The victims father released this statement to KCBD NewsChannel 11:

"Thankfully our son is ok. We feel that the school and local law enforcement did everything they could to protect our son. There is no need to fear sending your children to Littlefield Jr. High School, we are not worried about sending our son back to school."

The 13 year old student accused of stabbing the victim was arrested and is being held at Youth Corrections in Lubbock pending aggravated assault charges. Police say the student may also face possession of a prohibited weapon and tampering with evidence charges.

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