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The Invisible Tummy Trimmer: Does It Work?

Look ten pounds lighter in an instant. You apparently can wearing this the Invisible Tummy Trimmer. Ten pounds for ten bucks? I'd almost buy that but Does It Work?

The ladies from J.Hoffman's was glad to help. They found a black dress and I tried it on. "Can you see belly rolls right here?" It's supposed to slim the whole waistline. Not only that, but the Tummy Trimmer claims it can get rid of back rolls too.

The Tummy Trimmer is elastic. You just slip it on. And so I did. I slipped it on over my legs..,"Oh my gosh this is tight!"

The ladies of J.Hoffmans wanted to see how it looked. The Tummy Trimmer would not stay up on my back. It kept rolling down every time it was released. The bottom of the Tummy Trimmer was even rolling. I'm learned this would probably not be a good thing.

"I would be worried about it all night long. Fiddling with it. I know there are products out there that will work. And it didn't give me the flat stomach I wanted."

The Tummy Trimmer didn't make me look 10 pounds lighter, it made me $10 shorter. It Doesn't Work.

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