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The Chillow Pillow: Does It Work?

The Chillow is a device for your pillow to keep it from overheating. The concept behind the Chillow to keep that pillow of yours cool. through the evening. "That could work for me because I sweat at night," said Keith Daniel, also the Manager at Direct Mattress in Lubbock.

Keith was happy to help us with the test. Keith filled the Chillow with two quarts of water. "You know that foam is absorbing the water. The water is not swishing around," we noticed. "You can't feel the liquid at all!," said Keith.

The next step is to push all the access air out of the Chillow. Now we're ready to answer the question, Does It Work?

"Here we go. Ahhhhhh, wake me up at six," said Keith as he was laying on the Chillow Pillow. "I can feel it, it is cooler," Keith noticed.

We tried it out and was amazed. The Chillow had a deep cooling sensation, but it was not too cool. "So is this something you'd buy?" we asked. "I'd try it out mainly because I'm hot at night," said Keith.

How cool is that? I recommend you billow toward the store to buy your own Chillow Pillow, it works!

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