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Smoke Away Part One: Does It Work?

Kick the habit of smoking for good. A product called Smoke Away claims you can do just that, but you'll have to pay $60 for the assistance. That's a lot of money so we'll definitely put it through the Does It Work test.

Smoke Away Part II: Does It Work?
The Smoke Away claims to help you stop smoking in seven days for good.

25-year smoker Kim Owens has quit three times. She went four years without a cigarette but then she picked it up again. "That's been ten years ago," she said.

Kim and I quickly learned you must take herbal supplements as a part of this program. So before she puts anything in her mouth, we took the product to Texas Tech Health Science Center and consulted with an expert.

Dr. Alan Kaye specializes in many things, and herbal supplements are one of them. "There are 29,000 supplements out there and there's not a lot of hard data on their effects in regards to smoking sensation," said Dr. Kaye.

"Not only did we come to you to get your expert opinion but we also want to know how safe is this product to take?" asked NewsChannel 11. "It's really buyer beware. Really, when a product is considered a supplement, it is not the same as drug status," he answered.

So with the good words from the doctor, Kim and I felt it was worth a shot. However, this product might not be right for you if you're taking medications, so it's smart to consult a physician first.

You see, the program consists of two phases.

Phase one: Kim must take 64 herbal tablets for the next seven days. It's supposed to help calm her nerves. Then, if she has strong cravings through the process, she can put a tobacco-like product in her mouth which is supposed to curb her cravings. Then after the tablets are all gone, and her seven days are up, she has

Phase two: This is the maintenance portion of the program. "Oh and look it comes with an audio support CD," we said. "Oh, good. I'll put it in my car," said Kim.

"So now that you know what to do, the rest is up to you. Are you ready?" we asked Kim. "I'm ready. Now that you've branded me, I can't go out in public because people will say, 'isn't this the girl that's quitting smoking?" Kim said jokingly. "People will look up to you!" we said.

Next Wednesday night find out if Kim really quit smoking and if the Smoke Away worked for her.

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