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LPD Standing By Tasers

Despite a call for a nationwide review of tasers, the Lubbock Police Department believes the weapon is a safe alternative to lethal force.

Yesterday, the country's largest association of police chiefs called for the review because of 80 deaths blamed on the weapon since 1999. However, LPD says there have been more cases of tasers saving lives than causing deaths.

"Any death is regrettable, but there's been far more benefits, far more positive outcomes than the limited number of deaths that have been attributed to tasers," said Dale Holton, LPD Patrol Chief

The taser-related deaths are being blamed on heart failure from the electrical shock, but LPD says in almost every case in which there was a fatality, drugs were involved. As you may recall, LPD recently outfitted all of its officers with tasers.

Lubbock Law Enforcement Explores Non-Lethal Weapons
On Tuesday, the Lubbock Police Department will ask the city council for more than $176,000 to purchase tasers. If approved, every patrol officer, corporal, and sergeant on duty will carry an alternative to lethal force.

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