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The Bake-N-Fill: Does It Work? Rematch

So, apparently, I did something really wrong during my initial test of the Bake-N-Fill. Janet Veal was one of many viewers that e-mailed me to let me know. "Well, you followed the directions and I think that was the problem for you," said Janet.

Jane got her Bake-N-Fill for Christmas and has made four cakes with it. And from the first time she used it, she tossed out the directions. "I didn't like what I read so I changed the directions and did it my own way," she said.

Let me just point out a few mistakes I apparently made. Remember, I greased the pan like the direction said to, but Janet says you have to flour it as well. She used the cake mix as the flour and it worked! Both her cakes came out of the pan flawlessly.

Now for Janet's special trick...instead of filling the middle of the cake with ice cream and placing it in the freezer, Janet put Saran Wrap in the hole, filled it with ice cream, wrapped it up and then put the package in the freezer to harden up. Remember, the direction say to fill the hole while the cake is still cooling in the pan and place it in the freezer, which didn't work in the initial test.

The cake turned out great for Janet...she doused it with chocolate icing, and it looked flawless. Boy, was I shown a thing or two about cooking. My mother would be very disappointed in me.

Now I'll say the Bake-N-Fill does, in fact, WORK! But remember, don't follow the directions!

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