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Progress Continues on Teen Overdose Investigation

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Lubbock police expect to wrap up their investigation into the death of teenager Thomas Mallory sometime next week. Mallory died of a suspected ecstasy overdose earlier this month. Police say they have interviewed most of the teenage witnesses who were there the night it happened. They do plan to question a few more teens whose parents want a lawyer present. The toxicology report is due next week. Once police have that and after interviews are complete, officers will present their report to the District Attorney's office.

LISD officials tell NewsChannel 11 Thomas Mallory's death will not be forgotten when the new school year begins. The school district's drug education coordinator tells us his death sent up a red flag and makes them wonder what they could have done differently to reach him and kids like him. Sara Wilson, LISD Education Specialist on Safe and Drug-Free Schools says, "It's out there and this situation has let us know."

Wilson says Mallory's death due to an apparent ecstasy overdose has heightened awareness of the drugs' danger at the district. She explains, "Since school is out we don't have an opportunity to talk to kids right away and immediate feedback is always more effective than later." Because of that, Wilson says she's glad the media has given extensive coverage to Mallory's case and hopefully his death will make other teens more aware.

In the meantime school counselors have made contact with family and friends of Mallory's to provide a listening ear. When school starts back up that will continue. Wilson says, "Of course it's always a campus based decision. At the campus he was at there probably will be, at beginning of school year, some additional talks with students and specifically his class."

Throughout the school year it is federally mandated that counselors and drug educators continue to increase drug awareness. Plus, Wilson says kids are continuously turning to guidance counselors with concerns about drugs including ecstasy. Hopefully, Mallory's tragedy will encourage them to speak up sooner and more often. Wilson says, "There are those who want to stand up and say 'I don't want to lose another friend.'

NewsChannel 11 is told Thomas Mallory's family would like to eventually advocate against drug use in the community. Sara Wilson commends them for doing something so honorable to help others and says she would love to work with them.

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