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The Ionic White: Does It Work?

Shellie Montgomery wants whiter teeth. "Why, you're teeth are fine," we told her. "It can never hurt to have a brighter smile," Shellie replied.

We spent $92 on the Ionic White, a teeth-whitening system that promises to make your smile brighter in just 21 minutes.

The package has six gel tubes you apply a mouth piece and when you turn the blue light on, it activates a bleaching agent to so it can work fast. "Does it taste funny?" we asked. "A little bit," Shellie responded.

The blue light automatically turns off after two minutes. then you have to swish it around in your mouth for at least five minutes, spit, "Not good at all, not minty," said Shellie, rinse and repeat the process two more times. Shellie decided she strongly disliked the gel.

We will wait to see how it turned out for her until the very end. Meanwhile, Lester Nelson is a former smoker, he drinks coffee and tea and has stubborn stains that won't go away. "I've never gone to the dentist or bought anything cause I thought it was too expensive," says Lester.

Lester went through the same 21-minute process as Shellie. Let us look at the results. First, Shellie. Here are her teeth before and now after. Shellie did not see a dramatic difference like the makers claimed. "Maybe just a little," she said.

Lester had smoke and coffee stained teeth. After 21 minutes, the stains were still there.

Does the Ionic White work? I say no.

Lester used the product one more week and wrote me to say that he did not see any improvements.

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