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The Zero Odor: Does It Work?

"Oh yeah, that one stinks," said NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy after smelling a pet stain on the carpet.

Meet the culprits: Wesley, a five-month-old lab. House trained but occasionally wets the floor. Hady, a one-year-old brown lab, blaims it all on Wesley.

"When we have people over, we don't like to sit here and see spots all over the floor," said Jamie Dowdy. We're borrowing her house for this week's test.

She says she has tried everything, carpet cleaners to Febreze. However, nothing has worked. She has pet odors and stains that are embedded in her carpet. "I smell it right there," she pointed out to us. "Oh yeah, I smell it too."

This product called Zero Odor guarantees to get the odor out and remove the toughest stains. You get three in your package for $30. It is really easy to use. Just spray the area thoroughly and scrub with a wet towel.

The carpet no longer smelled like urine. "Wow, it definitely did (take it out). Yeah it did," said Jamie.

Our next stain is much bigger. Jamie sprayed a lot of solution on it. Then she scrubbed it. "There's a little bit of smell," she noticed. She treated it again and scrubbed and treated and scrubbed. "That smells better, but I can still smell it," Jamie said.

We grabbed a tennis shoe that smelled like mildew. I sprayed the Zero Odor and I was surprised to find the shoe did not smell any more. At least not immediately right after the test.

"I think it worked to get the stains and odor out. I was really impressed," said Jamie.

Hold your horses. One week later, I get this e-mail. "Cecelia, the stains did not come out and it still smells," wrote Jamie. I asked her if she was sure, and she doubled check. She was positive the Zero Odor did not work and her carpet still smelled like urine.

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