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The Urine Gone: Does It Work?

You remember Jamie Dowdy. She has two Labradors named Wesley and Hady. They sometimes pee on her carpet at home.

We tried a product called the Zero Odor to take the stains out. But it did not work at all.

The Zero Odor: Does It Work?
Pet stains are almost hard to get out of your carpet. We are testing a product called the Zero Odor, but Does It Work?

That is OK. Jamie was more interested to see if the Urine Gone worked. It will make any stain glow using a black light. But Does It Work?

We darkened the room and shined the black light on the carpet. "Um, I don't see any difference," said Jamie. Jamie soaked the area were we spotted a stain with our own eyes. Then we took the Urine Gone to the living room to a huge stain. We soaked this one with the special "enzyme solution."

The directions say you do not have to scrub and you just let it air dry. Then the stains are gone.

We came back one week later. The stains were still there. "When we sprayed it on there, it looked like it might work but after it dried, it came back," said Jamie.

The smell was still there. The stains were still in the bedroom. Jamie says she'll have to pay the professionals to get the stains out because the Urine Gone was her last resort and it Didn't Work!

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