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Traveling MADD Memorial Impacting Hundreds of Lives

Hundreds are now seeing the deadly effects of drinking and driving first hand. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is taking its traveling memorial on the road. The memorial features the story of 10-year-old Rachel, 6-year-old Madelyn and 1-month-old Yates Lindsey. The children were killed in Seminole in August 2004 when a drunk driver ran a stop sign. The memorial showcases the Lindsey's mangled pick-up truck. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire tells us so far the memorial is making a powerful impact.

The purpose of the traveling memorial is to grab people's attention. And that's exactly what the Citizens Traffic Commission did when they asked MADD to park the memorial in the parking lot of city hall so that everyone going to lunch could see the effects of drinking and driving.

A silence came over dozens of downtown Lubbock employees leaving city hall as they reflected on three lives cut short by a drunk driver.

Tommy Combs said, "It's tragic that they have to have a memorial like this."

The three Yates children were killed in a drunk driving collision in August 2004. Their family truck now looks exactly how it did after the accident. Karin McCay's story documenting the family's lives before and after the accident continuously plays. Pictures of the children cover the trailer.

On Tuesday, the trailer sat in the Lubbock City Hall parking lot so that every employee would see it. Combs said it's one of the most effective anti-drinking and driving campaigns he's seen.

"If you come out here and see that video and see the police report and look at that vehicle it's pretty much in your face," said Combs.

MADD Victims Services Director Shannon Ramos said, "We have had a lot of tears, we have had a lot of people very profoundly impacted."

Ramos has taken the memorial to dozens of locations. It was designed to travel so that people of all ages everywhere may see the message. "Even young children are very impacted that this is serious, that what happened to this family is serious and I'm glad to see it's taken seriously by young people who still believe they're invincible."

Combs hopes the memorial will help everyone make the right decision when it comes to drinking and driving. "I wish everybody in town would come see this. Those who have the need to drink and drive, maybe they'll look at it differently." said Combs.

MADD is almost completely booked through April with memorial locations here on the South Plains and across the state. To find out where it will be and how you can have the memorial come to you can call mothers against drunk driving at (806) 793-MADD or (806) 762-6233.

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