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White Supremacy Gang Increasing Crime Rate

Friday's arrests would be just one of many involving the white supremacy group in the past week. Earlier Friday afternoon, police arrested a known Aryan Nation member for aggravated kidnapping and drug possession. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel has been researching the group and found many ties and similarities from one crime to the next.

DPS Troopers Arrest Five For Drugs
Five people are in custody for drug and weapons charges.

The Aryan Nation started off nationwide as a prison gang. Now, they are moving across the South Plains being arrested for crimes of violence, theft, and narcotics. Officers tell us the group's increasing crime may be related to increased drug activity.

Some of the group's alleged crimes include, kidnapping, beating, burglary, torture, and selling drugs. Cody Murfee and Rachel Hardwicke are now in jail after allegedly burning their victim's SUV, kidnapping him, then beating him severely back in January. Both were in possession of meth and one had a gun.

February 8th, it was a shooting and a drug bust. Police suspect a proclaimed member of the Aryan Brotherhood, David Earnest, shot a man in the leg near 77th and Memphis. Earnest also faces drug and deadly weapon charges.

A day later, we heard the term "Aryan Nation" once again in the news when James Peacock was arrested as the suspected "ring leader" of six bank robberies here in Lubbock.

And just this past Monday, another man was shot in the leg at Wal-Mart in connection with the white supremacy group.

Police say with each case in Lubbock, drugs and or weapons have been involved. The gang is known nationwide for selling methamphetamine. Police tell us they're also known to beat and torture anyone who doesn't pay for the drugs.

Police found articles with Aryan Brotherhood logos at the bank robbers suspect's home in Amarillo. They also found swastikas and Nazi items at another suspect's home. Others admitted to being in the gang, or had tattoos that marked them as members.

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