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DEA: Local Crack Organization "Shattered"

In the words of the U.S. Department of Justice, a "local crack organization has been shattered." The DEA headed an 18-month investigation leading to a major drug raid on Thursday. The outcome; 22 people were arrested and four kilos of crack cocaine are now off Lubbock streets. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel explains how this drug raid affects our entire community.

DEA special agent Gary Olenkiewicz says, "With the weapons taken off the streets today and the drugs taken off the streets today, the citizens of Lubbock county can sleep knowing that law enforcement here has made a difference." 18-months of investigating led law enforcement to the arrests.

U.S. Attorney Richard Roper says, "These are not small time narcotics traffickers indicted, we are going after major traffickers that are pushing drugs to citizens."

The 24 indictments show how serious the charges are; conspiracy, possession, selling drugs and carrying guns. Local, state and federal agencies tell us the twenty-two arrests shut down an entire crack cocaine organization. "The disruption and dismantlement of these trafficking sales will have a long term impact on this community."

The defendants are being charged federally because they had more than 50 grams of drugs. Which means they could face harsher penalties. Authorities are still looking for another eleven people connected to this drug ring.

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