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Mumps Scare Continues

Today the director of the CDC announced we are in the midst of the largest Mumps outbreak in over 20 years. Now, the state of Iowa has 815 reported cases. Seven other states have 350. All are mostly among college students. But since Mumps is contagious before symptoms show up, the CDC says it is likely still spreading.

"We will not be surprised if we see more people affected, either in college context or as students spend time with their families or with their community friends. We will continue to see an extension of this outbreak into the community level," said  Dr. Julie Gerberding the Director of the CDC.

If you end up with the Mumps, the CDC says you can expect to miss school of work for nine days. But here's the good news. The Texas Department of Health tells me there have been nine cases of Mumps in Texas this year, but none are linked to the outbreak in the midwest. There have been no cases in west Texas.

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