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Songwriter Responds to Dixie Chicks 'Lubbock or Leave It'

It's no secret the Dixie Chicks have ruffled some tail feathers since their 2003 comment about President Bush. And their latest album 'Taking the Long Way' is targeting Lubbock.

You'll recall some radio stations in Lubbock still aren't playing the chicks or their new song, 'Lubbock or Leave It.' Now one singer, songwriter is putting his reaction to the song to music. Message Boards
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Billy Briggs is a Lubbock native who now lives in the Dallas area. After reading the lyrics to 'Lubbock or Leave It', he joked with his brothers about writing a response song.

He said attacking the president is one thing, but attacking lLubbock is another altogether! That joke turned into about two weeks of late night work, and the result is 'Trouble in the Henhouse.'

It's an up-tempo, high-octane country shuffle with a tongue-in-cheek message - Don't Mess with Lubbock.

Billy Briggs says his song is not an attack on the Dixie Chicks or their political views, rather a response to their song 'Lubbock or Leave It.'

Briggs grew up in Lubbock, attended Monterey High and graduated from Texas Tech. He says he's proud of Lubbock and thinks most people agree. "We just felt like it would be a way for us to say not everybody who grew there are on the same page as the girls on this," Briggs said. 

"There are nine titles actually used throughout the course of the lyrics in my song and that's a mix of Buddy Holly tunes and Dixie Chicks tunes," Briggs said.

"When I read the lyrics to the song it kind of personally effected me because of my feelings of Lubbock and the close ties that we have to the town," Briggs said.

'Trouble in the Henhouse' is being played on 99.5 The Bear here in Lubbock.

Consider This- The Dixie Chicks
NewsChannel 11 is introducing a new segment. It's called Consider This. KCBD General Manager Dan Jackson will be editorializing topics of his choice. This time Dan gives his opinion as the Dixie Chicks continue to make headlines for their latest album "Taking the Long Way."

The Dixie Chick's album was number one on the Billboard charts after one week of sales.

There have also been rumors through various web sites and radio stations that the chicks have been canceling some of the shows on their new tour. On the Dixie Chicks homepage, it actually says they've added eight new cities to their tour and they have not canceled any shows.

To listen to the entire song (click here).  You can get to Briggs' website by (clicking here).

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