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10-Year-Old Lubbock Boy Recovering From Pit Bull Attack

A 10-year-old Lubbock boy is recovering, after a pit bull attacked him late Sunday evening.  The dog tore into the boys arm, leg and groin.  At last report the 10-year-old was in fair condition at Covenant Health System, but the family is still waiting to find out what the injuries will mean for the boy's future.  NewsChannel 11 spoke with children who saw the attack.  The group of children were playing ball on the Lakeridge Country Club Golf Course in the 4600 block of 94th Street.  The owner of the dog lives in a home along the course, and the children we spoke with say she brought the pit bull out for a walk.  That's when the dog attacked.

"It all happened so fast," said Gabi Colon.  Colon was part of the group of children playing ball Sunday evening.  They were on the golf course, behind 4615 94th Street.  Colon says the owner of the pit ball brought the dog out for a walk, and the 10-year-old wanted to pet it.  "The dog had never done that before, so the lady said yes it would be fine," said Colon.  "He went to go pet the dog on the head, and the dog got real mad," said Scrgio Rodriguez.  "Like it tried to snap at his hand, but then he like pulled it away, but then it got his arm up here, and then he fell back, and it got him on the leg," said Colon.

Colon says the dog was on a leash, and the owner tried frantically to pull the pit bull off of the 10-year-old.  "So, I kind of ran here and told my mom," said Rodriguez.  "It was scary," said Colon.

The dog remains in quarantine at Lubbock Animal Services. State law requires the dog to remain there for 10-days, but if a dangerous dog hearing is scheduled, the dog will stay in quarantine until a decision is made on what to do with the animal. Animal Services Manager Fred Sanderson tells us they could either have the dog removed from the community, or put to sleep, but the owner has the opportunity to appeal any decision.  "He could be perfectly sweet during the whole term here, but it won't negate what happened that particular event," said Sanderson.

NewsChannel 11 tried to contact the owner of the pit bull, but they did not return our call or answer the door when we visited their home.  Meanwhile, friends and family of the 10-year-old who was attacked are taking a strong stance against pit bulls. They've written Governor Rick Perry asking him to outlaw pit bulls in the state of Texas.

That's not uncommon, in fact Denver, Colorado already has a pit bull ban.  In Oklahoma, state leaders are looking at similar legislation.  A pit bull ban failed in New Mexico, but state leaders did pass a dangerous dog ordinance.  Many other states are looking at similar laws that are not breed specific.  Those laws put tighter restrictions on owners, such as requiring fences to be at certain heights, and leashes to be at certain lengths.  Just looking on the internet, many groups trying to protect pit bulls say they support the non-breed specific bills. They say people cannot call all pit bulls dangerous.

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