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Consider This... The Windfall Resolution

Just a few months after Lubbock City Council voted against the taxpayers and raised taxes, a possible redemption is in the works.

I learned this week Councilman John Leonard, who fought for lower taxes and lost, has now come up with a new idea. He calls it the "windfall resolution." We'll call it accountability to the taxpayers.

Basically, what Leonard wants to do is take any additional money made from sales tax receipts, and combine it with savings expected from cheaper health care and lower fuel costs. Then take all that extra money and put it back in your pocket. That's right, take left over money at the end of the year and give a majority of it back to property owners. That's great news, especially after they've already said they expect to save a million bucks on insurance next year.

So Consider This, historically, if city hall makes more than they predict or saves any money, they just spend, spend, and spend some more on whatever they want. But with this new concept, you get the refund! It's this kind of thinking gives me hope that someday top city managers will start to finally realize it is not their money.

Now I could be wrong, but I'd bet giving money back to taxpayers is not a popular idea at city hall, so don't expect cartwheels. But I think this idea is truly refreshing, so congratulations Councilman Leonard. I hope you get the entire council's support on this one.

City Council is set to vote on this Thursday, and you can bet we'll let you know if they vote for you, or against you.

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