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The XBOX 360 Exchange: A Christmas Story

Marissa Gonzales says the box the XBOX came in did not look tampered with when she picked it up from the Wal-Mart layaway department.  She wrapped the present and placed it under her Christmas tree.  But what she didn't know is that it was full of dirty socks and a stack of magazines.

Since Christmas day, Marissa has spent a lot of time on the phone.  She says she has talked to five Wal-Mart store managers ranging from department, district and general managers.  A store who "Always promises low prices, Always" has $460 of Marissa's hard earned money and all she has in return is useless dirty socks and magazines, not the XBOX 360 she thought she purchased.

"I don't feel like I'm going to get help from them. They keep brushing me off to different people," said Marissa.   

Marissa put an XBOX 360 on layaway at this South Loop 289 Wal-Mart store in September.  She paid cash for it and paid it off in December. 

"I worked hard.  I have two jobs.  I even picked up some extra hours and extra days (to pay for it,)" said an emotional Marissa.

Marissa says the XBOX she purchased was special to her because her boys have always wanted a video game since they were little.  

"When Playstation first came out, I told them I'll get you one of those. Well, I never did because I couldn't afford it.  Now, the XBOX 360 came out, I wanted to get them one of those.  Then this happened.  It hurts me," she said. 

Post, Texas law enforcement is investigating because the magazines inside the box had an address from Post, Texas, the same town that Marissa lives in.  Marissa told us she doesn't recognize the name of the address.  

Marissa also told us she talked to a Wal-Mart employee who told her Wal-Mart fired several Wal-Mart employees before Christmas for stealing from the layaway department.  Marissa asked the managers if that could have happened to her XBOX. 

"They acted like that didn't happen," she said.

Wal-Mart headquarters told NewsChannel 11 they have not had any problems with that layaway department.  Wal-Mart also issued this statement regarding the XBOX exchange:

"We take our customers' concerns quite seriously. We are currently conducting an investigation into this situation as well as cooperating fully with the local authorities on their investigation. We wouldn't want to say anything that might hinder their investigation, so at this time we are referring all inquiries to them."  

Post, Texas police told NewsChannel 11 Monday that they will be questioning the person whose name appeared on the magazine sometime this week.  If anything, the lesson we have all learned is to look inside the box of whatever you purchase before you take it home.

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