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Lubbock City Council Delays Red Light Cameras

Lubbock will likely not see red light camera's until this summer at the earliest. That decision came this morning when the Lubbock City Council voted to delay the red light camera program by at least a month.

The City council was set to hear proposals from two red light camera companies to bring cameras to Lubbock intersections like this one. Along with a proposal to hold-off the entire installation for now. That's after those intersections were questioned by a NewsChannel 11 investigation earlier this month.

Thursday the City council said they want assurance from an outside group that the times at these intersections are accurate.

"Many folks believe this is a money grab and then we found out through KCBD Television there's a discrepancy in timing," say Councilmen Gary Boren.

The Lubbock City Council was told the traffic light system would be checked before cameras go up. But Councilman John Leonard says had it not been for a report on NewsChannel 11, raising questions about the twelve intersections designated to get cameras, the problem wouldn't have been addressed.

"Had there not been a channel 11 expose done, we all know that it wouldn't have happened," say Councilman Leonard.

So to ensure citizen safety and camera installation, Councilwoman Phyllis Jones presented a new proposal.

"I propose not to award a contract for red light cameras and direct staff to go back and revisit the signal timing of 12 intersections of 12 intersections of red light cameras and complete the certification and have verified by TXDOT and go back out for new proposals and bids no later than March 30th," says Councilwoman Jones.

Councilwoman Jones say this now creates a time line in which the cameras would go up. Under her proposal the Texas Department of Transportation will be hired to double check the 12 intersections in question and eventually all 190 in Lubbock.

But some council members say the red light camera's are about more than just safety.

Mayor David Millers says, "I am in favor of the installation of these for reason of public safety, for freeing up officers to do other duties. But it's also about the generation of revenue."

"It's not about public safety it's about the money. It's about the root of all evils and it smells," says Councilman Boren.

The vote was 4 to 3 to check the timing of lights and meet a March 30th deadline to do so.

Mayor David Miller, council members Linda Deleon, Floyd Price and Phyllis Jones all voted in favor. While councilmen Gary Boren, John Leonard and Jim Gilbreath voted against that proposal.

So if they stick to this March 30th deadline, the earliest you could see red light cameras in Lubbock would be June or July.

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