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Viewer Response to Consider This on Hiring Freeze

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I think you have hit the nail right on the head!!! What in the world do we need a visitors' center for anyway? Are we going to pass out maps to Prairie Dog Town? They want Lubbock to be some big attraction and the truth is, we are not. Besides Buddy Holly, prairie dogs and Texas Tech sports, what else is there? Now they want the poor guy that owns South Beach to come up with a huge amount of money to buy the club or the city will get it by eminent domain. Does that seem fair? No!!!! David Miller was all about cutting taxes when he ran for mayor. Everyone liked that idea, so they voted for him. Then when he was elected he not only cut taxes on our property, he raised them!!!! I don't know about you but I want that guy out of here!!! He has no respect for what the people want. If he gets his way with a visitors' center guess who pays for it? We do, go figure! The property taxes will more than likely go up again. I sure as hell hope we get a say so on this visitors' center. I would rather add to the police force and fire department than waste money on some ridiculous visitors' center. We need a new mayor! I wasn't crazy about Mark McDougal, but at least he used a lot of his own money to spruce up Lubbock. He didn't nickel and dime the citizens of this town every time we turned around. I think you should run for mayor!! What a great idea!! I would vote for you!! Thank you for your time and your comments. I love "Consider This". Too bad other people don't see through our city council and mayor like you do.  

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Is our mayor and city trying to run everything in town,especially entertainment?  The purchase of land at 19th for a visitors center seems to be an atttempt to get rid of another club in the depot district while allowing the city to spend money they don't have on a pet project.  What the area needs is well lit parking, security for those walking around, and more encouragement from the city in development help.  It will never be a 6th street or west end without these things.  Yes we need more police and emergency responders, we don't need the city running the show.  We do need to city for help private development of the area.  It has certanily stalled the past few years.

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Definitely the city should not jeopardize the safety of citizens to secure funds for other projects that is ridicules. It of course won't be a problem until its one of them that is in need of police or fire assistance.  

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Agree with you completely.  Safety is first.  People will not come to a city that can offer lots of perks, but lacks in safety!  

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Mr. Jackson,
I am so glad someone has the courage to speak out about the questionable decisions being made by our city officials. I have been saying pretty much what you said with the exception of this=has anyone questioned them (city officials) why the planned on the income from the red light cameras since they stated over & over again that it was for safety!
Just my 2 cents worth.

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Not only am I outraged that they have chosen to freeze hiring and put aside the 1.3 mil for the visitors center, I am also outraged that they now want the taxpayers to fork over the money to bring in more arts and entertainment.  Did they take their stupid pills or what?  How can we effectively expect this city to grow and invite tourism if we cannot effectively protect them when they come.  I am but a petty layperson, but I do have enough common sense to realize that our leaders(and I put that loosely) have forgotten or may have never been the recipient of a crime.  I have.  It takes years, hopefully, to overcome the attack and get to a point where you begin to feel, even remotely, slightly, safe again.  I agree with you Mr. Jackson and again I will reiterate...I think they are taking stupid pills instead of vitamins.

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If I am not mistaken the money for a visitor's center or anything related to tourism is paid for with hotel-motel taxes. And if I understand correctly those funds have to be kept separate from the general budget by law.

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Right on target, Dan. This City Council is slowly eroding the public opinion and trust that the McDougal era managed to establish after the Windy Sitton catastrophe. Everything is about spend, spend, spend! The big difference with this Council is that they do not have the bottomless pit of money from LPL that Sitton had. It seems that they cannot make up their minds about what they want to do unless it involves making money. It sends a bad message to Citizens when the Council says that they do not have money to hire employees, then the next day, propose buying property to spend up to $200 million dollras on a Visitor Center.

I have always felt that our representatives should spend money to make Lubbock attractive enough so that businesses and people want to move here.

The LEDA is spending tax dollars to "bribe" companies to move here at the expense of poor police and fire protection, inadequate drainage, and rising taxes.

Consider This... Hiring Freeze
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on the hiring freeze in Lubbock announcement by City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld last week.

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