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Thousands of Personal Documents Dumped in Lubbock County Field

Thousands of documents with personal information were found in a Lubbock County field Tuesday. Those papers have the names, social security numbers, copies of drivers licenses, and even copies of birth certificates of hundreds of people in and around Lubbock.

NewsChannel 11 has digging to figure out who dumped the mountain of information. Right now, we're told the Lubbock County Sheriff's office is investigating, but this case is so unusual no one really knows what to do with these papers.

Many of the boxes are labeled with Boldt Inc. out of Lawton, Oklahoma. The company apparently owned several McDonald restaurants in Lubbock and in Lawton. Inside some of these boxes are employment applications with applicants names, social security numbers, copies of their drivers licenses, social security cards, even their birth certificates. We also found hundreds of W2 forms, even blank checks from Boldt Inc. 

NewsChannel 11 tried to contact Boldt at their Lawton address, but we're told their office there has been closed for a few years. We also found a Lubbock address, but Boldt no longer has that office either.

We're still trying to figure out why these documents are in the field, who dumped them, and what laws have been violated.  NewsChannel 11 will continue to investigate, and we'll bring you the latest updates as we get them.

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