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Man Who Dumped Personal Documents Says He Did Nothing Wrong

Thousands of records containing personal information from people in and around Lubbock remained in a Lubbock County field, Wednesday night. Some of these records contain people's names, social security numbers, even copies of their drivers licenses and birth certificates.

We now know who dumped the records out there. William Brown says he sold a McDonald's franchise seven years ago, and these records had been sitting in a warehouse ever since. Then, two weeks ago, Brown says he could legally destroy the records, and had planned to burn them on this piece of property, but exactly who owns this piece of land is in question, and that's how this story began.

Lubbock County farmer, Kelly Kelsey contacted the Lubbock County Sheriff's office, when he discovered this pile of boxes on his land Tuesday evening while he was working in the field.

"I couldn't imagine what in the world it was. I got out to look at it and found people's employment records, and social security numbers, and even some check books. Lots of information, vital information from somebody," Kelsey said.

Kelsey then contacted NewsChannel 11, telling us that someone had dumped the mountain of information on his land. He says, "it's not really something you expect to see everyday."

After checking out the pile ourselves we found addresses from Wolfforth and other very personal information in the documents.

The records say they are from Boldt Incorporated, out of Lawton, Oklahoma. They apparently own at least one McDonalds chain in Lubbock. In the boxes we found their operations and training manual from McDonalds. While that may not seem so dangerous, some of the other records are. We found employment applications with social security numbers on them. We also found a check book from Boldt Incorporated.

We did find Boldt Inc. had an office in Lubbock, but when we went to check it out, it was no longer there. We learned from the current tenants that a McDonald business was there, years ago. We also tried to contact the Lawton location, but found the office there had also been closed for years.

It wasn't until late Wednesday evening, that we learned William Brown may have dumped the boxes in the field. It turns out, exactly who owns this piece of property, Kelsey or Brown, is in question between the two. Brown tells us he had hoped to burn all the files two weeks ago, when they were first dumped out there, but the winds have kept him from doing so.

Kelsey says, "It's already blowing around the country out here. It's not a major mess yet, but boxes start to break open, they are going to be blowing around every place around here." Brown tells us he hopes to destroy these records this weekend.

You may be wondering, is this legal? According to Brown it is, and the Lubbock County Sheriff's office says if it really is Brown's land they don't expect to file any charges.

Thousands of Personal Documents Dumped in Lubbock County Field
Thousands of documents with personal information were found in a Lubbock County field Tuesday. Those papers have the names, social security numbers, copies of drivers licenses, and even copies of birth certificates of hundreds of people in and around Lubbock.

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