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Consider This... Gary Boren's Resignation

Well, the lynchings have begun at city hall. I am sure that several individuals at city hall are high-fiving each other this evening as a major thorn in their sides has been removed. Gary Boren has stepped down as Lubbock city councilman after five years of service to Lubbock. Boren says it was for personal reasons, but there is more to this story.  

I'm told a campaign has been waging at city hall for some time to pressure Boren to resign. I'm sure the other real conservative on the council is next.  

It is no secret that city hall and Boren have never blended. And his tactics to protect the taxpayers have never set well with city staff and even some of the new council members.

So consider this, if you are ever thinking about running for city council with the intent you can change city government and trim the fat, think again.    

I am sure that councilman Boren made quite a few enemies along the way over the past 5 years, but he was able to pass more good policy for the citizens of Lubbock than anyone else in years.  

I for one want to thank him for his service and accomplishments to our great city and wish him and his family the best in his future endeavors. It is truly a sad day for Lubbock citizens. 

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