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Raider Red's True Identity Revealed

For the first time in Texas Tech history the identity of Raider Red was revealed and the Tech mascot actually had two identities.

Kari Rodgers from the High Riders and Tyler Bridge from the Saddle Tramps have spent two years serving in secret as Raider Red.

Sunday night they revealed themselves to the public at the first Passing of the Guns Ceremony.

"It's a friendship with a character I've developed over the three years of doing that. It's become one of my best friends. Raider Red is someone I sit at home thinking about and wondering what Raider Red would think about this going on," says Tyler Bridge, Raider Red Mascot.

"It was an awesome privilege to be part of Raider Red, to be the first female is a big milestone a big step for Texas Tech," says Kari Rodgers, Raider Red Mascot. 

At the ceremony, Rodgers and Bridge passed their guns to the students who will be the alternates next year.
Fear the Fro is their motto and they can be found whooping it up for their favorite team at Texas Tech sporting events.  Learn more about the FRO BROS!

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