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Neugebauer's Response to Cell Phone Terrorism In Muleshoe

Congressman Randy Neugebauer is responding to the bulk cell phone purchase investigation in Muleshoe.

Wednesday night, NewsChannel 11 told you that Muleshoe Police questioned a man who bought 60 cell phones and admitted to a Dollar General Manager that the phones would eventually be used to detonate bombs in the Middle East. The man was let go as there is no law against a bulk purchase of prepaid cell phones or them being sent overseas.

Congressman Neugebauer says it's something lawmakers may need to look into. "We need to look at this particular area and see if in fact some registration of these purchases may be in order" he said.

Neugebauer also says he would always vote to keep America safe as long as rights are not infringed upon.

Meanwhile, the story is generating a number of calls from concerned citizens to the Muleshoe Police Department. A Lubbock man who lost both this sons in the war on terror is voicing his support for the store manager who called police, saying it's our duty as citizens to be vigilant.

"I think that these people need to be recognized and say, hey look, it's not just the law enforcement industry or the military, but it's Americans in general that have the heart to say we've got to help foil these plans," Roy Velez said.

Velez does agree with the possibility of registering prepaid cell phones just like guns are.

Terrorism Born Here On The South Plains?
A bulk purchase of disposable cell phones across The South Plains is turning into a federal investigation. Muleshoe authorities have questioned a man, who according to police reports, confesses to buying 60 prepaid cell phones that might later be used to detonate bombs in the Middle East.

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