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Buddy Holly's Name Could Be Lost In His Home Town

The name Buddy Holly may soon be removed from some city monuments. According to Civic Lubbock Inc., a local non-profit, Maria Elena Holly has contacted them asking that licensing fees be paid for the use of Holly's name on these monuments. Lubbock's Chamber of Commerce has also been contacted about their use of Holly's name in their "Giants of the Giant Side of Texas" marketing campaign.

Tomorrow morning, Civic Lubbock Inc. board members will go before the Lubbock City Council to have Buddy Holly's name removed from the Buddy Holly Terrace and the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame. They'll ask that the name become "The West Texas Walk of Fame" and Board President Dan Burns says it's unfortunate.

Burns said, "In order for us to continue to use Buddy Holly's name with the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame and the Buddy Holly terrace that we would have to enter into a licensing agreement and pay a licensing fee."

A fee that the Civic Lubbock Inc. isn't willing to pay. They say, no matter the name, people will still be interested in the national and international talent that has come from West Texas.

Burns added, "It's unfortunate but it just came down to economics. We still think we'll be well served with "The West Texas Walk of Fame" because the goal of the program, obviously, is to highlight those individuals that have made a name for themselves on the national stage that are from the West Texas area."

Holly's widow said in a statement released Wednesday:

"I have always supported the city of Lubbock's efforts to honor my husband. The current misunderstanding evolves from the failure of certain entities associated with the city in using my husband's name without first consulting me. I have tried very hard to protect my husband's name, image, and reputation over the past 47 years and I will continue to do so."

Burns said, "I think again it's a money issue and we think that's unfortunate. She has been at some induction ceremonies before. The name has been used for a number of years, but we've been contacted that we will no longer be able to do that with out paying licensing fees."

Chamber of Commerce President Eddie McBride tells us they have not been contacted by Elena or her management group.

Again, city council will decide whether or not to remove Buddy Holly's name from the walk of fame Friday. NewsChannel 11 will be there and bring you the latest.

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