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Viewer React to Disciplined Lubbock Veterinarian

Three years ago,  the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners disciplined Dr. Penny Kelso calling her care of a dog, "substandard".  It was for leaving live puppies inside a dog after performing a C-Section on a 2-year-old Pit Bull five years ago.

The dog later died because the owner believes from complications, so did the puppies.  So far, the response to this story has been overwhelming.  Out of the 40 e-mails I received, 26 people had a bad experience to tell about Dr. Kelso and, 14 of you had nothing but good things to say. This number does not include the number of phone calls we got, mostly telling us about their bad experiences.

Pete Garcia was one of them who contacted NewsChannel 11. He says his experience with Dr. Kelso just happened two months ago.  In March, Roxie had a set of six healthy puppies.  She spends her days chasing the one the Garcia's kept.  But a couple of months ago, Pete says Roxie was in pain and wanted nothing to do with her puppies.  Pete found a hard lump on her and called Dr. Kelso to come check it out.

"She was running a fever, gave her something for her fever, an antibiotics and we put warm compress where the puppies were feeding.  So we pretty much did what she asked us to do," he said. 

Pete says everything Kelso told him to do wasn't working and the lump was still there. He called her again.  He says she told him to get Vitamin K, that it would help reduce the swelling.  But instead, Pete chose to take Roxie to an animal ER in Lubbock where a veterinarian there diagnosed Roxie to having an abscess that needed immediate attention.

"She would have lost her life," he said.

Pete says he's upset because Dr. Kelso didn't catch the problem when she visited his house. "When in reality, we had to go somewhere else and pay a whole lot more because the ER is very expensive," Pete said. 

Like Pete, more of you shared stories about your bad experience with Dr. Kelso.  One viewer wrote,  "I just needed to tell you I also had an animal die from a normal spay for my cat. This happened around the 2nd. Week of Jan. 2007. I got a very far fetched story on why my 'abnormal' cat died from Ms. Kelso."

Another one said:

"I had my Schnauzer spayed about six years ago by Penny Kelso. The operation went okay, but she brought my dog back with gauze that was being held on by duct tape. It took hours to remove it and she cried so much. It was a disaster for both of us."

But there were e-mails of support:

"You requested opinions pertaining to Dr. Penny Kelso.  In my house she is very "welcome!" Dr. Kelso has been our veterinarian for about 7 years, at which time she saved one of my dogs at 11:30 p.m. that no one else would see until the next morning."

Another viewer wrote:

"Dr. Kelso has been to our home to care for our pets. We have used her services prior to these visits to our home. She did a good job, and we have no complaints."

Again, Dr. Kelso did not return our phone calls. We checked with the Travis County courts where she's asking a judge there to remove her discipline status. It's been sitting in a court since 2004.  The last reported activity on this case was in June 2006, when she hired a new attorney. Travis County court officials say there's a chance a judge could dismiss her appeal in the next couple of months. This means if the court dismisses her appeal of the board's decision, the disciplinary status will remain.

We've posted the entire order of the board.  To read that entire report (click here).

Other Lubbock disciplined veterinarians:

  • Nancy Bozeman
  • April Davis-Hernandez
  • Sonja Lee
  • Steve Stephens
  • James Robert Kemp

To read more about them (click here).

Order of the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners on Dr. Kelso
The veterinarian board heard testimony from Dr. Penny Kelso, D.V.M., and statements from the Englands regarding a c-section performed on their two year-old pit bull named "Pebbles." You'll read detailed information regarding  the surgery and what happened soon after that procedure.  You'll also read Dr. Kelso's account of what she claimed happened. The veterinarian board's order includes their reason to discipline Kelso.

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