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Consider This... Neighborhood Surveillance Cameras

While watching NewsChannel 11 last week I learned Lubbock police have put surveillance cameras in neighborhoods to catch burglars, and they've been up since February.

Lots of debate is now swirling since that story aired. Some city council members say they should have known first and approved the program. Others say there are invasion of privacy concerns. I say none of that is as important as the safety of my family. Being the recent victim of a break-in, I can't think of a better idea to fight this type of crime.

I think Councilman Floyd Price, a former police officer himself, was right on when saying city council has no business messing with this issue.  

I say the Lubbock Police Department is 100 percent justified in putting surveillance cameras up in alleyways to catch criminals. The last thing we need is our city council messing this one up. They've done enough running in circles this year and fighting with each other and we don't need their help on this one. The only way I'd be against this program is if council found a way to make money with it.

Consider this, let's take the never-ending black hole that is Homeland Security money and add 50 cameras a year to Lubbock neighborhoods. That's tax money well spent and would have a direct impact on my life as I'm told the cameras are already catching the bad guys.

So hats off to the Lubbock Police Department for using technology to protect my family. And would-be burglars beware, the next time you think about breaking and entering remember one thing, these cameras are out there to catch you!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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