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Pit Bull Owner Argues Claims Of Attack

Lubbock Police say he ordered his dog to attack. However, the owner says that is not true. 

The incident in question happened just after one o'clock Sunday morning at this home in the 6000 block of 3rd Street in Northwest Lubbock. Noise complaints brought police to the house and when the garage opened, police say the owner said quote "sic' em" and that is when police shot the dog.

The dog's owner, Jimmy Cruz was arrested for aggravated assault.  The 22-year-old is now out of jail and sharing his side of the story.

Soon after Lubbock Police arrived at the home in the 6000 block of 3rd street, this is what an officer's dash camera recorded:

It sounds like you hear Cruz say "Sic em" boy." There is then a buzzing sound. 

Police tell us they heard pit bull owner, Jimmy Cruz tell his dog Wassa to "sic' em". Words Cruz says he never used.

"That's not what I said. Whoosit, whoosit. That is what I said." Cruz went on to explain he was saying who is it.

Cruz tells NewsChannel 11 he had left the garage door open anticipating the arrival of a friend. 

"Door open and when they were going outside I was like Wassa who is it who is it, thinking it was okay," Cruz said.

Instead of the friend, it was a Lubbock Police officer.

On the camera recording it sounds like Cruz said, "Don't shot my dog. No." The officer said, "He's trying to attack me." Cruz replied, "Don't shot my dog, oh thought we were friends."

The officer shot and injured the dog who is now recovering back at home. Cruz claims the officer never identified himself as police and says his dog did not bite the officer.

"He told me she had bit him, I asked him if I could see the bite mark and all he showed me was a paw print on his thigh. I knew right there and then when I saw it, it was not her paw print," Cruz said.

Cruz got Wassa after a pole vaulting accident in Sundown, which left him in a wheel chair. He says, over the past three years he raised her to be a loving family dog.

"I have kids here at the house and she's not aggressive at all," Cruz added.

Something Lubbock Police may argue differently.

"It was complete a misunderstanding and it should have been handled totally differently. That should have never happened," Cruz said.

We are told the detectives are still working on case but are expected present it to the district attorney's office within the next day. Lubbock Animal Services says the pit bull will likely go through a dangerous dog hearing.


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