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Consider This... Rising Cost of Animal Shelter

Back in 2004, Lubbock voters approved about $1.5 million to fix our 40 year old animal shelter.

Two years passed and citizens were told that wasn't enough money to address the problem.  So last July, city council approved on their own spending $3.4 million to build a brand new shelter - double the original voter approved amount.

Finally, last week I hear new estimates could see the cost creep up to $5.5 million and maybe higher.

So let me get this straight, council asked for $1.5 million from citizens and got it. Now our elected officials could spend up to 3 and half times that much, without voter approval?

Consider this, I don't know what an animal shelter should cost, but let's be honest, most dogs that go there are put to sleep.  And we want to spend millions for what? To make their last days more comfortable?

If we're concerned about the quality of life for dogs in Lubbock, why not reward responsible dog owners. Make a place where they can take good pets to enjoy the outdoors of Lubbock, free of leash laws and animal control. Call it "the Lubbock dog park."

At the very least, I hope our city leaders won't allow the cost of a new animal shelter to spiral out of control, especially without voter approval.

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