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Decision 2008

Gilbert J. Montes II

Facts about Gilbert J. Montes II

  • Born: June 10, 1952 in Puerto Rico.
  • Raised in Bronx, New York.
  • Lived in San Francisco & Los Angeles areas.


  • AA degree in Sociology from Compton Community College. Compton, California.

Military Career:

  • Joined 1975
  • Retired 1995
  • Assignments in Texas, Michigan and Guam.

Special Duty:

  • Liaison NCO to the Michigan Civil Air Patrol of the great lakes region.

Civilian Career:

  • Retail Sales with Sears.
  • May 1979-Retired July 2007.
  • Returned to work October 2007.

My reason for running for Mayor is my deisre to contibute to the local process of government. It is my belief that I have the ability and willingness to bring tp all citizens a government that represents them, local businesses, and special interest groups in a fair and equal manner.

I envision a city where all of its citizens can truly strive for their potential while living in one of the best areas of the world. A city of prosperity and growth. Providing safety (in all aspects of the meaning.) bringing jobsto the city (encouraging businesses to come to Lubbock and assisting those already here to expand,) and ensuring local youth receives the opportunity to work in various career fields during summers, or in some other endeavor that would enlighten them and build their self esteem. Today's youth is only a step away from being the leaders of Lubbock and the world.

Every individual vote counts and if I were elected, I can only promise you a mayor who would do the best for all.

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Lubbock County Precinct Map
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