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The Debbie Meyer Green Bags: Does It Work?

This infomercial makes you think this As Seen On TV product is one you can't live without. You get 20 green bags in your box that only cost us $10, but Does It Work?

It claims it can keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer because it absorbs and removes ethanol gas.  The ethanol gas makes the fruit rotten, according to the infomercial.

With that said, I pulled out fruits and vegetables that usually spoil in my kitchen.  I have two of everything. I put one batch of broccoli in the Green Bag and the other in the produce sack.  I put a head of lettuce in the bag and the other head of lettuce will stay in its original bag. Three bananas will go in the bag, while three others will sit on my countertop.  Five strawberries go inside the bag and left the rest stay in the container. Lastly, I put two fresh tomatoes into the bag, and the other two will stay in the container.

Carrying a handful, I headed to the fridge to place all my produce in a safe spot so my husband couldn't find it.  And in 21 days, we'll see if our product stays fresh like the makers claim.

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